Need a CASH partner for your deal? We can help!

As Your Joint Venture Partner:
- We can provide funds for your purchases or repairs!
- - Or we can manage your rehab project from start to finish!
- - -
Types of Deals We Can Partner On:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Commercial Projects
  • New Construction
  • Condo Conversions
  • Land Development
  • Bulk REO Acquisitions
  • Note Purchases

Areas of interest:
Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland

Click HERE to tell us more about your project or call Georges Franco at (202) 595-5472 for more information.
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We Work With:

  • Investors looking for cash partners
  • Property owners who can't afford repairs and/or tax liens
  • Investors who run out of money during a renovation project
  • Owners of buildings who want to convert existing units to condos
  • Owners of vacant land who want to build